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Dual Muff Over-the-Head Headset with Inline Push-to-Talk
Model: PMLN5731
Designed for rugged use in noisy environments where hearing protection is required. Headsets incl..
Black Receive-Only Earpiece
Model: RLN5878
Surveillance accessories allow the radio user to receive messages with the earpiece. They are ide..
UHF Roof Mount Antenna - 470-495 MHz
Model: HAE4012A
This is a UHF, 3.5dB gain, roof mount antenna. These antennas are radiated vertically, making the..
UHF Black Roof Mount Antenna with Mounting Kit - 450-470 MHz
Model: RAE4168ARB
This is a UHF, 3dB gain, low profile, black roof mount antenna that comes with the mounting kit (..
UHF/GPS Combination Whip Antenna - 403-433 MHz
Model: PMAE4018
UHF/GPS combination whip antenna for the 403-433 MHz range. Antenna designed to maximize range. A..
Medium Beige Eartips for Ear Microphone System
Model: 5080358B31
Eartips help your comfort level when using the ear microphone system, a compact, lightweight ..
Public Safety Mic, UHF
Model: AAHMN9054C
This product is a UHF Public Safety Microphone. ..
Alarm Buzzer Kit
Model: GLN7282
This product is an Alarm Buzzer. ..
GPS II Remote Speaker Microphone (Rugged)
Model: HMN4113
Officers on a high-speed car chase, border patrol agents on high alert. During times of danger, d..
Wireless Bluetooth Earbud with 11.5" Cable
Model: NNTN8294
This wireless earbud has a simple, discreet design for business users wearing professional attire..
Mag One Mid-rate Charger Base
Model: PMLN4685AR
Remote Speaker Microphone - Mag One
Model: PMMN4077
This product is a Remote Speaker Microphone - Mag One. ..
Lightweight Headset with Boom Microphone
Model: RLN5590
This product is a Lightweight Headset with Boom Micirophone for the EX500 models only. Allow for ..
BMSplus Adapter Plate, Li-ion
Model: RRDN5768A
This product is the Adapter Plates Only. ..
PTT Interface Module for Ear Microphone System
Model: AARMN4044
This is the interface module required for all Professional Series Ear Microphone Systems that are..