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Double- Unit Charger
Model: 56553
Double Unit Charger ..
Headset - Swivel Boom Mic -  Light Weight
Model: AARMN4031B
Leather Case - Swivel - Keypad Models
Model: HLN9690A
Radio Handstrap
Model: JMZN4020
This product is a Radio Handstrap that attaches to the radio allowing it to be worn around the wr..
1500 mAh NiCD Battery
Model: NTN9815
Premium NiCD battery for XTS 2500, XTS 1500, MT 1500 and PR1500 portables. NiCD is best suited fo..
Mag One Tri - Chemistry Rapid Charger Kit (includes Base, Power Supply & AC Cord)
Model: PMLN5048_R
This product contains a Mag One Tri-Chemistry Rapid Charger Kit and includes a Base, Power Supply..
Epaulet Strap, with clip
Model: RLN4295A
Black leather Epaulet Strap secures Remote Speaker Microphone to epaulet strap on shirt or jacket..
Spring Action Belt Clip
Model: RLN6307
This product is a Heavy-duty belt clip for extra durability. ..
Battery Optimizing System II
Model: WPLN4125_R
This product is a Battery Optimizing System II with 90-240 Volt AC, 50/60 Hz and 4 Station Recond..
VHF/GPS Combination Stubby Antenna - 146‐160 MHz
Model: PMAD4120
VHF/GPS combination stubby antenna for the 146-160 MHz range. Stubby antennas are ideal when the ..
Black Surveillance Kit - 3-Wire
Model: ENMN4014A
This surveillance accessory allows the radio user to privately receive messages with the earpiece..
Black 1-Wire Surveillance Kit
Model: RLN4894
This receive-only earpiece allows the radio user to privately receive messages with the earpiece...
* NEW ? XPR 8400 32 MB Repeaters * ..
Beige Ear Microphone
Model: BDN6769
This beige microphone is used with the HT professional series or EX-series Ear Microphone System ..
Beige IMPRES Surveillance Kit
Model: PMLN5106
Surveillance accessories allow the radio user to receive messages with the earpiece. The 3-wire s..