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PTT and VOX Interface Module for Ear Microphone System
Model: AARMN4045
This is the interface module required for all Professional Series Ear Microphone Systems that..
IMPRES Temple Transducer
Model: PMLN5101
Bone conduction enables you to receive audio without covering the ear, allowing to either wear he..
Epaulet Strap with Velcro
Model: RLN4294A
This black leather epaulet strap uses velcro to secure the remote speaker microphone to an epaule..
VHF Roof Mount Antenna - 146-150.8 MHz
Model: HAD4007A
This is a 146-150.8 MHz, 1/4 wave, low profile VHF roof mount antenna. ..
VHF Magnetic Mount Antenna - 140-174 MHz
Model: RAD4000AMB
This is a VHF, 3dB gain, magnetic mount antenna. These antennas are designed to direct the signal..
UHF Antenna - 380-435 MHz
Model: NAE6546_R
There is no description for this product. ..
Motorola 56531 Multi-Unit Charger and Cloning Station
Model: 56531
This is a Motorola 56531 Multi-Unit Charger and Cloning Station. ..
Earpiece with In-Line Microphone and PTT
Model: 56517
Comfortable for extended wear, this compact and durable accessory allows users to receive communi..
Black-Single-Wire Surveillance Kit
Model: AARMN4028A
There is no description for this product. ..
Leather Case - Belt Loop - Keypad Models
Model: HLN9677A
Hard Leather Carry Case for HT1250 Limited Keypad Models
Model: HLN9955
Leave your radio on your belt and still make yourself heard clearly with a carry case. This hard ..
IMPRES 1700 mAh NIMH FM Battery
Model: NNTN4436
IMPRES NiMH intrinsically safe battery for XTS® 5000, XTS 3000 and XTS 3500 portables. Intrinsica..
Earbud with Clip Microphone and PTT
Model: PMLN4519
This product is a Earbud with Clip Microphone and Push-to-talk (PTT). It is two (2) wire earbud s..
Remote Speaker Microphone with IP57 Rating, Coiled Cord and Swivel Clothing Clip - Intrinsically Safe (FM)
Model: PMMN4029A
Universal Radio Pack
Model: RLN4815A