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Hard Leather Carry Case with 3” Swivel Belt Loop for Non-Display Radio
Model: PMLN5029A
Durable leather or nylon carry cases keep your radio and battery securely in place while permitting ..
Velcro Epaulet Strap
Model: RLN4294
This product is an Epaulet Strap, used to secure the Remote Speaker Microphone to a shirt or jack..
Replacement Earpiece with High Noise Kit Attached - Black
Model: RLN6289A
Battery Maintenance System Plus
Model: WPLN4080_R
This product is a Battery Maintenance System Plus (BMS+) with 230 Volt AC, 50/60 Hz and Six Stati..
VHF/GPS Combination Stubby Antenna - 136‐148 MHz
Model: PMAD4119
VHF/GPS combination stubby antenna for the 136-148 MHz range. Stubby antennas are ideal when the ..
Programming Cable
Model: ENKN4002
Vehicular adapters detect the chemistry of a portable battery and select the optimum charging met..
Vehicular Travelling Charger
Model: RLN4884B
This vehicular traveling charger ensures constant communication while on the road. Its small comp..
* NEW ? XPR 8400 32 MB Repeaters * ..
Black Ear Microphone
Model: BDN6768
This black microphone is used with the HT professional series or EX-series Ear Microphone System ..
Ultra-Light Headset
Model: PMLN5102
Lightweight headsets provide high-clarity, hands free, discreet two-way communication. This ultra..
Epaulet Strap with Clip
Model: RLN4295
This black leather epaulet strap uses a clip to secure the remote speaker microphone to an epaule..
VHF Roof Mount Antenna - 150.8-162 MHz
Model: HAD4008
This is a 150.8-162 MHz, 1/4 wave, roof mount antenna intended for customers who do not plan to u..
GPS/VHF Through-Hole Mount Antenna (MotoTRBO)
Model: RAD4214
This a GPS/VHF - 136-144 MHz 1/4 wave, through-hole mount antenna that combines GPS and VHF capab..
UHF Antenna - 435-470 MHz
Model: NAE6547_R
There is no description for this product. ..
Replacement Strap for HLN6602 / RLN4570
Model: 1505596Z02
Replacement Strap for Motorola Original Series Universal Chest Pack (HLN6602) and Break-a-Way Che..