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Mag One Hard Leather Case
Model: PMLN4742
This product is a Mag One Hard Leather Carry Case. ..
IMPRES Li-ion 1400 mAh Submersible (IP57) Battery - Intrinsically Safe (FM)
Model: PMNN4069A
Offer superior, long lasting performance. Automated maintenance and a six month extended capacity wa..
Low Noise Kit
Model: RLN5886
This low noise kit provides extra comfort for users wearing surveillance accessories. Lightweight..
BMSplus Adapter Plate, NiCd
Model: RRDN5770A
There is no information available. ..
Receive-Only Earpiece with Translucent Tube
Model: RLN4941A
An earphone jack located on the microphone allows the user to receive audio when using this earpi..
Nylon Carry Case with 3" Fixed Belt Loop
Model: PMLN5870
Carrying cases are available in sizes designed to fit your radio and battery and permit audio to ..
Black IMPRES Surveillance Kit
Model: PMLN5097
Surveillance accessories allow the radio user to receive messages with the earpiece. The 3-wire s..
BMS Plus Adapter
Model: WPPN4080AR
The BMSPLUS adapter allows Motorola’s Battery Maintenance SystemPLUS to charge, discharge, analyz..
Plastic Carry Holster
Model: JMZN4023A
This plastic carry holster with swivel belt clip accommodates a portable radio and battery. The l..
Commercial Series Earbud with In-Line Microphone/PTT/VOX Switch
Model: PMLN4442
Mag One earpieces are small, comfortable and enable users to discreetly send and receive messages..
IMPRES Public Safety Microphone with Audio Jack - 18" Cable
Model: PMMN4043
Includes an antenna for increased coverage, 3.5mm audio jack for discreteness, volume switch for ..
Ex Tax: $109.00
Push-to-Talk or Voice-Activated Interface Module for Ear Microphone System
Model: RMN5117
Picks up sound vibration in the ear canal, giving emergency personnel the ability to hear in nois..
Combination GPS/UHF 1/4" Wave Antenna - 403-430 MHz
Model: PMAE4030
This through-hole mount antenna has combined UHF and GPS capability. This combination design with..
Flexible Whip Dual Band 7" Antenna - 764-870 MHz
Model: 8505241U11
There is no description for this product. ..
GIK-1700 Installation Kit
Model: GIK-1700
The GIK-1700 provides in vehicle or vessel operation of the Globalstar GSP-1700 handset. when you..